Cyclotron: The TRON Bike Has Officially Arrived

Cyclotron Bike

The Cyclotron has been deemed the world’s first hubless smart bicycle. Designed after the game and movie ‘Tron’, the bike features the world’s most advanced lighting system, two LED wheels and an incredibly awesome laser bike lane projector. It’s also equipped with on-board sensors to detail elapsed time, the rider’s heart rate, battery info, speed, calories burned, altitude, GPS, distance, slope and more – pretty much satisfying any curiosity you’d have while riding.

Despite the bike’s ultra lightweight, it’s impressively powerful – mainly thanks to its space grade carbon fiber composite construction and aerodynamic frame design.

The Cyclotron

The Cyclotron also includes a self-charging battery, chainless power transmission, 18-speed e-gear box, smart phone mount, e-shift paddles and airless tires.

What’s even cooler about the lighting system is that they switch on and off automatically – but hold up, that’s not even the coolest part. As mentioned before, there is a laser bike lane projector that will help you avoid veering off the road.

For more on the futuristic Cyclotron, after watching the visual underneath, head on over to their Kickstarter.

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