Jackie Chan & Johnny Knoxville Star in ‘Skiptrace’


The first trailer for ‘Skiptrace’, the upcoming action-comedy movie starring Jackie Chan and Johnny Knoxville has just been released.

It’s undeniably got a similar vibe to the ‘Rush Hour’ films, but in all honesty, can you really say that’s a bad thing? Jackie Chan plays a Hong Kong detective who is attempting to bring down one of China’s deadliest gangs. As luck seems to consistently have it with Chan, he is forced to team up with Knoxville, a gambler who saw something he shouldn’t have – making him America’s most wanted fugitive. As we’d expect from the duo, the movie looks to be full of bickering, bantering and inevitably bonding.

‘Skiptrace’ is set to hit cinemas on September 2. Watch the trailer below.


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