ShuPlug hits $1M Valuation in Seed Round; Poised for November launch

ShuPlug JR Austria

We’ve been following the progression of ShuPlug here for awhile. Today we’ve learned that ShuPlug has reached a 1 Million dollar valuation after finishing their seed investment round.

ShuPlug Founder and Chief Executive Office JR Austria shared the backstory of ShuPlug’s early beginnings this past March, and with this latest investment, ShuPlug is now cleared to launch this up-coming November.

“We’re very blessed and thankful, but also extremely excited to share ShuPlug with everyone. We’ve got a lot of work to do leading up to take off, but we’re proud of what we’ve been able to do thus far with so much more to come,” JR Austria said.

SP has a hefty agenda ahead for themselves – with a core focus on locking up several sneaker partnerships and building more traction and buzz before the app’s launch this November.

“ShuPlug gives the utmost credit to its early early investors – Rightly Perry, Houston Bradley, Bill Shriftman, John Oregel, Cody Alderton, and Brandon Boren – none of this would be possible without every single one of you,” JR Austria stated.

Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer Tony Macarena added, “We are extremely blessed for all our early investors, this isn’t possible without you. We are extremely thankful for all the people that stood by us throughout this process. This is merely the beginning! We are eager to finally give the sneaker community what it needs!”

ShuPlug’s development team, Blue Label Labs, is one of the best in the industry, and should expect a customer driven product upon launch.

As SP rolls out, HYPECRIB will be tuned in with all the latest ShuPlug news and surprises soon to come. You can follow ShuPlug on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram for the latest news on their platforms.

We’ll be ready for that download the day it hits the App Store.

The ShuPlug Interface

ShuPlug Interface ShuPlug Interface

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