Uber’s First Self-Driving Cars Deploy This Month

Uber’s First Self-Driving Cars

It’s been a pretty solid amount of time since news first broke about Uber working on self-driving cars in early 2015. Then, earlier this year, the company admitted openly that they were testing self-driving cars in Pittsburgh – but since then, everything has been pretty quite.

With Google seemly dominating the self-driving car industry, it wouldn’t be a huge shock if Uber’s attempts were significantly behind and off schedule.

Well – apparently you’d be wrong for thinking that.

As it turns out, Uber’s progress on its plan to replace its one million-plus drivers with computers has been rapid. In other words, if you’re an Uber driver, it might be time to start looking elsewhere.

In an interview with Bloomberg, CEO Travis Kalanick announced Uber’s first self-driving cars will be added to its fleet of active drivers in Pittsburgh as soon as this month.

Uber will deploy around 100 modified Volvo XC90s equipped with self-driving technology. Every autonomous car will be staffed by one engineer, who can take the wheel if needed, and a co-pilot to observe and take notes. In addition to the co-pilot, there will be a “liquid-cooled” computer in the trunk recording trip and map data.

Now this should be interesting.

Uber’s First Self-Driving Cars Arrive This Month