The Dark Knight Batpod Is For Sale

Dark Knight Batpod

Today we have great news for some Batman nerd with way too much money to blow: one of the most iconic Batman vehicles ever, The Dark Knight Batpod is going up for auction. Thats right an actual prop bike used during the filming of The Dark Knight can be yours for an expected price tag of $80,000-$100,000.

This special prop bike has the original fiberglass body, non-functioning cannons, a custom-made chassis and a Honda 750 engine. The stunt team for the movie made 6 Batpods in total and this was the one used for closeup shots in the movie which is pretty cool.

The auction starts on September 27th at Prop Store and like we said before you better be ready to shell out a whole lot of money before you even think about pressing that bid button.