The Lamborghini Urus 6×6 Concept Is Out Of This World

Lamborghini Urus 6x6

While Lamborghini has made its name based on their production of supercars that make guys giddy, the Lamborghini Urus 6×6 concept will offer a new type of giddy-ness. The Urus seems to be an off-roading vehicle that looks like its ready to tackle the terrain of Mars.

The concept rendering almost looks as though someone took a Porsche Cayenne, cut off the back, and added a pickup truck bed.  Complete with six tires, the sports utility vehicle boasts an aggressive look while still appearing to be a functional crawler.

Since a Lamborghini wouldn’t be a Lamborghini without a little something special under the hood, the Urus is of course fitted with a high-powered V12 engine.

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