Hypecrib ‘Artist of the Year’, Teasley, Got Us Feeling Better

Teasley 4

In one of the most concerning years for human civilization, there was one thing seeming to prevail through it all: music. 

 2016, one of the best years for music since 2009, featured music from anyone who’s been relevant for the past two decades and from some of music’s best.  

 It also featured the rise of many talented, brand new artists, one of them being the versatile Teasley. The singer released his debut single “Hit It” in February which rose to #8 up on MTV Italy’s Top 10 Dance chart this summer.  He followed up with a vocally impressive and dance-heavy tune “Runaway” before releasing a hip-hop infused track called “With Your Love.”  Although its catchy chorus and feel-good tempo made you want to chant along, With Your Love was the publically received the least.

 The young star rebounded with his most personality-filled piece called, “Too Much”.  The song features almost every component of tropical house and with a drop was guaranteed to make you smile, one of this year’s most unique electronic tracks.  

 Teasley released his long awaited title track along with the full EP, “Feeling Better” on December 9th which you can stream here right alongside some of the industry’s biggest artists, Taylor Swift, J Cole, Zayn, and more.


 I can’t think of many emerging artist to date who have made a profound impact on the industry in their first 9 months on the scene.  “Feeling Better”is one of the most cohesive and consistent EP’s for a new independent artist in the past few years and the future couldn’t be brighter.   

With the 2017 Grammy’s set, 2018 seems like a legitimate possibility for a Teasley to be the next breakout artist. How insane would it be to see Teasley get Grammy nod as Best New Artist.

When asked about the possibility, Kamyaar Butt, Teasley’s manager grinned into a laugh: 

“I’m not laughing at the possibility because that’s definitely a goal we’ve discussed. But I’m laughing because we have a long road ahead of us and if this what 9 months feels like, the next year will be something out of a movie.  It’s just a blessing to be in this position and be working with such a talented and dedicated artist.”

Teasley 2

Teasley had a similar take:

“Yeah it definitely is something we have discussed and I dream about but at the same time I’m confident that if I just keep working on myself I’ll attract everything that I need in my life. I’m very proud of all the artists that have been nominated this year”

Chase White, who has known Butt and Teasley for years, has been able to see behind the scenes from the beginning:

“I mean it’s honestly very enlightening to see one of my closest friends not only take on such a demanding industry, but do it successfully because although they are new, this path they are on seems very promising and this is coming from someone who didn’t believe it could be done. I told them right to their face, like I don’t think you can do it. Now they have an project that bangs from cover to cover and are closing in on 1 million streams. I think Feeling Better stands for more than just the music, more so the movement of making your own path in life.” 

It’s hard to not love what the young men stand for. And it’s even harder to not feel good when listening to the Feeling Better EP which is why we have given the Hypecrib ‘Artist of the Year Award’ to Teasley.